In Star Network TopologyYou use Multiple devices. Devices connected to the central connection point is known as HUB & SWITCH. The devices are attached to the hub by either copper cables or fiber optic cables. Star Network Topology provides a cost-effective method for sharing information between different users. Star Network topology can be used in airlines reservation counters and small business offices where employees want an access to common applications and files. 


When you use Star Network topology, Each device is connected point-to-point to a central device which is either a hub or switch. Hub Manages and controls all the functions of the network. We use the multi-port repeater for data flow. Hub is used to connect segments of LAN and contains multiple ports. Hub can be passive or active. Passive hubs are used as a connection point that routes all the traffic towards the devices. It does not amplify or regenerate the signals. They simply take all of the packets they receive on a single port and broadcast them across all ports. Active Hub contains electronic circuits that regenerate and retransmits the information. Active hubs all of the features of passive hubs, with the added feature of actually watching the data being sent out. Active hubs take a larger role in Ethernet communications by implementing a technology called the store and forward where the hubs actually look at the data they are transmitting before sending it. Also, it repairs certain damaged packets.
When you send data from your system , Data is passed through the hub before reaching the destination.For Example , Device 1 wants to transmit the data to device 2, Device 1 first sends data to the hub. If the hub is passive ,it rebroadcast the data to all the devices in a star network,except device 1.Each device has to read the address specified in data to determine if the data is intended for that device.If the address is different , then that data is discarded. If the hub is active it regenerates the data before it is rebroadcast.
A physical Star NetworkTopology that uses a certain hub operates as per logical Bus Network topology. The Hub broadcast data to all segments and thus uses a Bus Network Topologyfor transmission of the data. On the other hand ,a physical Star NetworkTopology using switch function as per star network topology. This is because the switch has a capacity to read the address mentioned in data and to direct the data  to the intended receiver. The basic structure of Star Network Topology


  • You can easily install, configure and manage.
  • You can easily detect faulty devices.
  • You can Easier to expand.
  • You can connecting or removing devices does not affect the network.
  • You can provide Hub & Switch for centralized management. 


  • You can face problem when you increased devices causes traffic which makes the network slow.
  • You have to require more cables length than a linear topology.
  • Your hub failure leads to the network failure.
  • It is more expensive.



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